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360 Trade Services for a Complete Supply Chain Solution

Easily manage all aspects of global trade on our one-stop-shop trade platform

How It Works – DiMuto Digital Asset Creation

Get your supply chain on the blockchain with ease – Conveniently Track & Trace your physical products with DiMuto's Digital Asset Creation (DAC) system.

Digitise Your Physical Product

Digitise Your Physical Product

Tag your products and digitise them into trackable, traceable digital assets using DiMuto Digital Asset Creation (DAC)

Digitise Your Physical Product

Verify Trade Documents with DiMuto Blockchain

Automatically blockchain relevant trade information for each digitised product with immutable timestamps and unique identifiers.

Digitise Your Physical Product

Get The Full Picture Down To Product Level

Execute Trade Smart Contracts based on AI-verified product data collected from source.

Digitise Your Physical Product

Permission-based Access For Trade Partners

Choose only relevant transactions, documents and information you want your trade partners to see.

Digitise Your Physical Product

Easily Retrieve Information For Every Single Trade

Track and Trace every trade from source to end consumers with all relevant documentation associated with individual products.

Digitise Your Physical Product

Unlease Your Global Trade Potential

Gain access to DiMuto's Trade Services like Trade Financing and SMART Marketing when you digitise your trade with us.

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Solving Challenges of Global AgriFood Supply Chains


  • No efficient way of resolving trade disputes
  • No access to institutional financing
  • No supply chain traceability of products and raw materials.
  • No capabilities to effectively make operational decisions in supply chain.
  • No access to new markets due to lack of network and lack of trust.
  • No ability to directly communicate with global end consumers.
Global AgriFood Supply Chains


  • Settle trade dispute by digitalising your produce with DiMuto Platform as proof of quality.
  • Gain access to trade financing opportunities with your digitalised assets.
  • Get full visibility of each trade from source to end.
  • Attain operational and financial insights with data analytics relating to your trades.
  • Gain global market access to DiMuto verified traders.
  • Execute marketing campaigns to engage end consumers directly with your digitalised assets.

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Demystifying Global Supply Chains From Source to End

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